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DE-FENSE! (clap clap) DE-FENSE! (clap clap)

You might be asking yourself “why would Twinkies even need a defense? It is well known that they are more or less invulnerable. Well, then, you are misunderstanding the nature of this episode. Today’s podcast is about using Twinkies, and various other strange objects and vague concepts as your personal defense:

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Waxing About the Olden Days While Your Grandkids Play on the Twitter Machine or Whatever They Do with Pro Bono Radio

50 years from now, Pro Bono Radio discusses the olden days (reflecting in particular on this week’s episode) with her grandchildren, Pro Bono Radio Jr., Probina Radio, Probinette Chaudhary-Radio, and Harry Styles Chaudhary-Radio and Capital One Presents Megan Chaudhary-Radio

PBR: You know, Pro Bono Radio Jr., I can remember when you would post a message on Facebook, and only your friends could read it. And they had to belong to your University, too. They had these thing called “privacy settings, and we used ‘em, damnit.

Pro Bono Jr: Okay nana. 

Harry Styles Chaudhary-Radio: «rolling eyes» Did it cost a nickel to ride the teleporter?

PBR: Watch it smartmouth. I was doing radio shows on the Tumblr when the original Harry Styles was still in diapers. image

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Once again, Pro Bono Radio helps you murder the rap and avoid the murder rap. 

In this week’s episode, we prove once again that Law and Rap are an all time classic radio combo. They’re like Red Ties and Blue Blazers, Red Beans and Rice, Red Wine and Smelly Cheese, Red Bull and Jaeger and a sticky feeling of shame, Redman and Meth. You get the idea.

At Pro Bono Radio, we have discussed how rapping can get you in trouble with the law- the bad kind of trouble.

Now, in the semi-sequel, we discuss how it can get into the good kind of trouble, the- yes I will say it- the sexy kind of trouble. The You-SO-BAD-bad-kind of trouble. 

As Raekwon once said, you’re scarred for life, because you won’t forget this cut. 

UPDATE: This post contained the incorrect link for some time. It has now been fixed. Oh, and this bar association logo shouldn’t be here either «munchmunchmunchmunch». 

Let the buyer beware?

Possession is nine tenths of the law?

Observation is no crime?

Victimless crimes?

Bad court thingy?

If you continue to send our restaurant threatening letters, Mr. Adam, you be sent to prison?

Goodness gracious, there is so much legal jargon, legalese, lawyerspeak, mumbo jumbo and argle barle out there, it’s hard to know if any of it means anything. 

I can report to you that while law school may teach you to think like a lawyer, they certainly don’t teach you to talk like one. Unless saying “well, it depends” a lot counts.

Does it?

Listen this week to find out!

Food Should Taste Bland, Cost More, Say Law Students

Wow, you guys, look at all the pretty colours! Do you know what is in those delightful boxes? Satisfying sugar, mouthwatering fat, and tangy, zesty salt!

Pro Bono Radio is proposing to eliminate all that stuff from your diet, despite the fact that sugar gives you energy to play sports, fat insulates your nerve tissue so you can do math homework, and salt is important to rehydrate your body after taking unusual tablets and dancing to electro music! 

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I don’t remember that much about the early Harry Potter novels. I’m pretty sure this is the exchange that inspired this week’s episode.

"Why don’t you cast a spell, Harry, parped his lady friend, Hernie. The other guy, with the red hair, Ralph, looked around nervously and chewed his fingernail. In a wizard kind of way. Harry felt that there were perhaps better routes to get his uncle, Gary Oldman, out of Gitmo for Wizards, such as an appeal on Charter grounds. Harry’s boss, Stape, wasn’t having it. because Harry’s Mom dumped him back in the day. Stape wanted Harry to get back to doing spells he considered useful, like spells that suppressed Muggle voters, or that mimicked the effects of oxycontin. Gary Oldman was convicted of human trafficking, but Harry was convinced that Volmedorp had caused the Wizard Court of Appeal to make palpable and overriding errors of law in their decision, using magic and blackmail. Or both!?

Harry went to talk it over with his articling principal, Dumblefoot. Dumblefoot said Harry should go for it, make a spell, and Dumblefoot would have his back. 

So Harry cast a spell and the jail turned into a hippo or whatever, and Uncle Gary escaped. Stape found out, but he let Harry get away with it, the little scamp. But then Stape shot Dumblefoot, instead. 

Please enjoy this delightful episode from our brand new broadcasting team of Bryan, John, and classically trained British vocalist Andrew! It’s a doozy!

TitleHarry Potter and the Prisoner's Rights of Azkaban

Good ol’ Johnny Cash. Now, let’s just leave aside that most of Canada’s mining industry is in minerals, not coal. And let’s also leave aside that the pervading darkness in this episode is in the promotion and geopolitical consequences of mining, moreso than the plight of the miners themselves. 
Hey, when has Pro Bono Radio ever been afraid of leaving facts aside? This week, join us as we consider the truths and falsehoods about the Canadian mining industry (and then, in all likelihood, double down on those falsehoods.)


When I vaccinate my son all eyes on me!

I vaccinate my daughter at her pre-school for free

If you morally object get the &$%# out my school.

If you morally object the government should just force you to.

We like MMR!

We like HPV!


Wait, what was that part about the government forcing you to give your kids shots? They can’t do that can they? It’s my right as a parent to object on moral grounds. Vaccinations give kids ADHD or something, right?

Maybe they should. Vaccinations may cause your child to have a developmental disorder (ed: although I doubt it), but not vaccinating your kids will for sure give everyone polio and smallpox. Right?

Pro Bono radio here, folks. It’s easy to get emotional about vaccination. In this week’s super episode, we discover some interesting facts: Conscientious objections to immunization is a bipartisan issue.


One of your hosts will not be sending their kids to the same pre-school as the rest of them. Which one? You’ll have to listen to find out!

While Chasing the Ambulance, Our Maserati Ran Over a Small Child and an Elderly Korean Woman (Part II)

Enjoy the thrilling conclusion to this episode, and the tenure of Jordan Sewell at PBR, right now! Why Wait?